Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Day 12: Kiyomizu-dera and Kyoto free time

Kiyomizu dera was fun. it was fun to drink the waterfall water and do the love
stone, even though I failed to reach the opposite one. After that Anna, Damien,
and I went to the golden temple. It was painted in gold and was really cool to
see but the place was a tourist trap! We spent about 2 hours going to and from
the golden temple. The bus system is a nightmare! It was a very fun day though.

Kiyomizu dera was pretty awesome, it would be good to bring a date to some time.
Then we got some as fade water there and I made a mistake and spit it out. The
we road a lot of buses to the golden temple that one was just a big tourist
trap. Then more buses and then dinner.

The Kiyomizu temple was super cool and fun. Three of us successfully completed
the task of the love stone, and we all drank the holy water so we can live
longer and have smooth skin. The free time in Kyoto was also fun. I went to a
traditional Japanese market and the golden temple. Finished it off with some
donuts and a Shinkansen ride. It was a very tiring yet fun day.

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